How to Be a Sheep or How Do You Live With Yourself If You Know That Every Single Day You Have to Put a Mask on Both Your Face and Your Non-existing Personality?

We live in a world that will always have a market for ignorance, vanity, stupidity and coitus. Those four diseases have been corrupting our society for a very long time. The living proves of this fact are the members of the ‘KKK Family’ (The Kardashians) and the impact and influence they have on this post-informational society, especially on little girls. Just look around yourselves or pay a visit to any social network, preferably Instagram or Facebook. How many specimens of a female kind in your presence have a complete make-up during the day? How many of them have completely covered themselves with that face paint? Before the Kardashians came along I have never even heard of all those techniques like shading and high-lighting or God, knows what else is there. And then we have fashion bloggers, who are setting trends and dictating what kind of fabricated shapes and prints we should put on our bodies.

Wherever I turn around there’s a girl with complete make-up on her face, with painted eyebrows of course, dressed like she just got out of a red carpet event, a club, some fashion blog or Tumblr and the majority of them have brown-blond or dark-green ombre on their hair. Apparently those vivid and neon hair colors, that those little emos from the early ‘00s used to put on their hair, are back. That’s why there are all these girls with bunch of chemicals on their heads. But to be fair, not a lot of girls have blue hair, or orange hair, or pink hair, etc. It’s mostly green. I’ve been told that this green ombre has something to do with that little Kardashian who does not go by that last name.

I am surrounded by clones.

I have never had a problem with someone’s hair color or an appearance what so ever. To be honest with you, I like to see a person who refuses to obey all these ridicules social conventions and beauty trends that were set on us by the media and the society. There’s nothing more beautiful and attractive on this world then an individuality and originality. I know this is wrong, because you should most definitely not judge a book by its cover, but there was a time when a person’s appearance could tell you a lot about that certain someone.

For instance, if you met a girl in a Nirvana shirt you could instantly know that she enjoys listening to grunge. So you could talk to her about Nirvana’s music, Curt Cobain or about how Dave Grohl might be one of the sexiest men alive…You have to admit that there is something primal about watching a man with good hands while he pounds…and by this I obviously mean the drums, but it can give you an idea…

But this is not the case anymore.


Anyway, this is what happened to me couple of days ago. This acquaintance of mine, who is nothing more but an extremely superficial human being who considers fame and money to be the biggest aphrodisiacs, came dressed in a Nirvana shirt and I was like: ‘Hmm, now look who finally started to listen to the music that actually takes some talent to make, a pose to listening to Flo Rida or Ke$ha’. The next day she wore a Ramones shirt and her friend, who is the best definition of the ‘copy-paste’ you could ever see in your entire life, had a shirt with a cover for ‘God Save the Queen’ by The Sex`Pistols. I had a huge punk phase in my teen years and I still have a soft spot for it. I even ended up writing a paper on punk as a movement with huge political, social and cultural background and its journey from sub-culture to a part of the pop and mainstream culture. So I thought they would appreciate this work of mine, ‘cuz they are obviously ‘noobs’ when it comes to punk. But, it turned out I was completely wrong. They couldn’t care less about the music. The only reason they had those shirts on is because, and I quote, ‘it’s fashionable and all the it girl are wearing those.’ They would never listen to that ‘horrible noisy music.’ Why would they? It’s not like any of those bands had any kind of influence on the music industry. They are completely ‘insignificant’, right? Oh, hell no! a5dgqLL_460s_v1

They were lucky enough they didn’t wear The Rolling Stones t-shirts. If they had those on and if they were disrespecting those living legends and Gods themselves who have been present on the music scene for more than half of the century, I would have killed them.

They’re bloody idiots and they’re not the only ones. Why do we have to pretend we’re something that we’re not? Because it’s in? Because that will make us more acceptable? More appealing to the people around us?

I refuse to live in a world in which ignorance and lack of individualism and originality are considered acceptable and, which is even worse, positive and attractive. I do not want to live in a world full of clones.

The thing with which I have the most problems is the lack of character. I don’t know if you noticed, but they all talk about the same things, like gossips about people they know or about people who are well-known to the public because of their work, drinking and partying in clubs only, clothes and all those irrelevant and redundant topics. It’s like they are opening their mouths and letting the words come out, but nothing they say has a meaning.tumblr_inline_moc7myHR3d1qz4rgp

Sometimes I wonder what is the purpose of their existence on this world. To portray something they’re not so they could be trendy? So they could be popular on social networks? And how is it possible that they are happy? How do you live with yourself if you know that every single day you have to put a mask, on both your face and your non-existing personality? And how is it possible that they are not aware of the fact that there is much more to this life we were all blessed with than possessing trendy material goods? Is there a way to educate them? tumblr_mfedefdf901qb9pa3o1_

And why on earth they do not have a need to educate themselves on anything? It’s like they don’t have an interests of any kind. They don’t like movies, or books, or music, or any kind of art. The only things they like are the ones they were been told to like by the media and social networks, which is another media of course. They are nothing more but a bunch of sheep. But the problem with sheep is that they don’t know what they are. They are the majority. In this world of mass production of everything from clothes to culture, the majorities have been praised by every industry. They rule the world.c1fdd4c34e83d6ed4ad142ea106d633b

And that’s why they will always express their inaccurate and shallow opinions for which they do not have valid arguments. And we are all cursed to listen to those completely irrelevant and idiotic words that are coming out of their mouths.

Everything I have to say to these people can be summoned up with a quote by this incredibly talented and extremely intelligent, humorous, witty, spiritual and eloquent revolutionist with a ‘messiah complex’. In the words of Russell Brand, PLEASE DO NOT SPEAK AGAIN, YOU ARE ESENCIALLY AN OXYGEN THIEF. 200_s


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