Why Ed Sheeran Is One of the Best Things That Has Happened to Us in the First Half of This Decade

In one point of my life pop music really made me question the existence and the importance of the freedom of speech. In 2010 a song called ‘Tik Tok’ by a singer who describes herself as ‘garbage chic’ and uses a dollar sign in her stage name was at number one at Billboard top 100 single chart. Lyrics like ‘You a stupid hoe, you a, you a stupid hoe’ and ‘Baby, baby, baby ooh, like baby, baby, baby no’ were inescapable and it really got me thinking: How is it possible that none of these ‘new singers’ have something profound to say with their music? Are there people who can relate to these lyrics?

To be fair we did have Adele and yes she did have just one album in this decade, but was there a better female break up album then Adele’s ’21’? Not in my book. Not even a ‘thousand’ ex-boyfriends, who seem to have some kind of an expiration date, can inspire an album that could be so deep and touching as ‘21’. Not even if all those boyfriends were Harry Styles.


Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against these artists. They’re just not my cup of tea. It’s not like I don’t listen them. I do occasionally, if I’m being honest. It’s just that I am not capable of relating to any words in lyrical forms that are coming out of those people’s mouths.

But that’s when this lovely ginger lad from Britain with a guitar in his hands comes along.

Ed Sheeran is a bloody poet with a voice of an angel who is making this world a better place by providing us with all these beautiful and magnificent products of his talent and creativity. His music is the reason why I have this little sanity preserved in me. His lyrics can get into the part of you where you feel the most weak and vulnerable and help you heal them. They can make you feel acceptable and reassure you that everything is going to be all right. It’s not like with the majority of artists whose songs can help you escape into this magical world of music, but when the music stops you’re back to this thing called reality which I’m not very fond of.


I haven’t had this king of connection with someone’s lyrics in a very long time. I did like a lot of bands and singers and I still do, but this is beyond just having a favorite band or a singer. This is a ‘you get me, man’ kind of a connection. The only people who managed to do this for me before Sheeran are Chris Martin and Morrissey. Oh and Pete Doherty.

This man is incredibly good with words, at least in putting them in lyrical form. If you are a fan of Ed Sheeran’s music it is impossible not to appreciate the semantics of the words this man uses and the syntax of the forms that those words of his create.

A normal human being who is not blessed with the intelligence, talent, wittiness and eloquence of that poet would probably propose marriage to you by asking a simple, yet quite affective: ‘Will you marry me?’ But not Ed Sheeran. In his words that would sound more like: ‘See, I could do without a tan on my left hand where my fourth finger meets my knuckle.’ He does not simply spoon with someone. No, ‘they’re resembling cutlery.’ And do not even make me start with that brilliant piece of art, an anthem for every specimen of a female kind, that this devious little thing gave to One Direction. ‘You still have to squeeze into your jeans, but you’re perfect to me.’ In my defense, I am a girl.

Ed Sheeran may not look like a bloody statue of a Greek good and he may not have a six-pack but he can still sing about a dead girl who used to sell her body for money in order to supply herself with illegal substances that have eventually killed her. And he can still sell records.


Every time I see a second music video for ‘Drunk’ and that guy who has a tattoo ‘You Need Me, I Don’t Need You’ on his arm comes along, I start thinking about which lyrics by Ed Sheeran would I put on my body. How do you pick one? How do you pick a song? And if somehow you manage to choose just one, how do you prevent yourself from tattooing everything Sheeran has ever written? If I start doing something like that, I would probably end up looking like a scrapbook or Travis Barker.

But then I stop to think and realize that I do not need Ed Sheeran’s lyrics on my body. I already have them written all over my heart and soul.


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